Huarun Shaoxin 871 Loop

The project is the transformation of the original 871 chip factory in Shaoxing. The overall plan of the project integrates the genes of 871 Factory and Shaoxing culture, takes art culture and creative industries as the forerunner, new and perfect diversified business as the driving force, and mixes Shaoxing cultural characteristics and urban functions as the business card, creating a landmark of China Resources Land in the core area of Shaoxing. The project "871VILLAGE" has become a new node of the "Moat Tourism Ring".

In the renovation strategy, DUTS design retained the most critical site memory elements, such as the central square, boulevards and the original factory facade elements, and incorporated all historical and cultural elements into the new commercial landmarks. The roof design and the overall pedestrian bridge design consistent with the view of the mountain will bring a unique urban texture, creating a modern commercial village in the core area of Shaoxing, and a characteristic landmark of Shaoxing. This is an ecological area that integrates commercial, social center, leisure, art, tourism and retail functions. It can not only provide complete functions for the community, but also increase the cultural diversity of the city. Refurbish the old factory building through art and cultural creation, creating a brand new civic activity venue with excellent experience, various services and retail functions, and a reborn urban cultural landmark.

China Resources Land Ltd.
80000 square metres
Urban Design
Shaoxing, Zhejiang
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