Huiyuan Longquan Park Urban Design

This project is located in Longquanyi District, Chengdu, about 28 kilometers away from Shuangliu International Airport. It has been known as the "Basi Portal" since ancient times. The site is relatively square. The designer uses simple and clear traffic flow lines in the overall planning and design, outlines the planning framework of the entire park, and rotates the main structure to a certain angle to make the functional zoning design more reasonable.

The project unfolds hotels, centralized business districts and office buildings along Yidu Middle Road, and strives to display the image of the park along the main roads. The 100-meter-high hotel has become a landmark in the park and the entire region. The facade uses new construction materials such as colored metal perforated panels, showing smooth and high architectural lines. The function of the hotel's podium is mainly for commercial support. Part of the roof is tilted towards the high-rise part, so that the high-rise is as if growing out of the podium, so the whole building is integrated.

The office economic park is arranged around the central supporting area. Due to the larger total area, more cost-effective planning methods are needed. The design lays out the basic units in a group layout, the enclosed space serves as a garden, and multiple terraces facing the garden are designed to bring the office environment closer to nature. Starting from 300 square meters, each office unit meets the needs of the office while having a high-comfort accommodation and reception function, thereby increasing the flexibility of the space.

The dwellings are arranged along the river channel on the west side, increasing from south to north in order to reduce the sun blockage on the south side. The central and green landscape design of the north and south is combined with the green space between the residences to form a multi-level landscape space.

804000 squares meters
Longquanyi District, Chengdu
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