Travel through time and space, ride the wind and waves : Shanghai Dongjiadu

Travel through time and space, ride the wind and waves

Shanghai Dongjiadu Dock is the first perfect modern dock in Shanghai's history. It is known as the "Best Dock in the Far East". It has witnessed the development of the modern shipbuilding industry in Shanghai and even China, and has a milestone significance in the history of the development of the Chinese shipbuilding industry. The designer hopes to maximize the preservation of the original dry dock's historical appearance while creating a public plaza that can be linked to the exhibition space of the Zhonghai Building and open to the public.

The designer symbolically wrapped the original dock in a pure boat-shaped glass shell, and cherished the past on the site as an artwork. The glass material allows the public to clearly see the history of the old dock, make full use of the geographical feature of the "old dock" below sea level, let the water surface of the Huangpu River be introduced into the lobby of the building, and use the roof of the glass body to form an infinity pool.

With minimal damage to the old dock, the designer created a viewing bridge linking the north and south sides of the dock to form a suspended platform. Here people can have the best view of the river, and the shape of the flyover echoes the shape of the bow, rising slowly from the ground. The central part is hollowed out, which does not block the line of sight seen from the lobby, and a window-like viewing frame is outlined at the gate entrance, which is very iconic. Standing on the viewing bridge, you can look down on the past of the dock inside the vitreous, look directly at the present of the Zhonghai Building, and look into the future of the Huangpu River.

The landscape on both sides of the dock opens to the Huangpu River in the shape of a cone, guiding the people into the pits of the dock, allowing the public to explore the historical remains of the boat pit. Enter the glass body covered with small flowing water, which directly leads to the negative floor of the building, forming a building form with a material tower. This kind of architectural form not only becomes the link between the past and the present, but also forms the connection between the building and the river water space.

263073 square metres
Shanghai Huangpu
上海黄浦区董家渡船坞及展览馆 2
上海黄浦区董家渡船坞及展览馆 3
上海黄浦区董家渡船坞及展览馆 4
上海黄浦区董家渡船坞及展览馆 5
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