Integrated facade design and interleaved atrium space design

Relying on the hub-type business center of Lanzhou West Station, this project has played a finishing role in the planning concept of "Two Fields, One Ring and One Belt" at Lanzhou West Station. Through clever design, the building can not only integrate into the North Square and the surrounding environment, but also stand out from the surrounding buildings. The designer treated the podium and tower of the case with a 45-degree bevel, so that the openings of the commercial podium are facing the central axis of the station and North Square, which also echoes the strip-shaped design elements of North Square.

In order to reasonably separate the commercial flow from the hotel and office flow, the main entrance of the first floor of the commercial is distributed at the northwest and northeast corners of the North Square, and is shaped as a 45-degree pocket suction type. Such a shape can achieve a good public display effect in the city, and can attract people as much as possible. The raised North Square happens to be at the same standard height as the second floor of the business. The designer built a bridge across the street between the North Square and the podium. Through the flyover, the flow of people across the square is directly introduced into the second-floor commercial atrium, realizing the concept of the double first-floor main entrance.

Lanzhou City Metro Real Estate Co., Ltd
195000 square metres
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