Free space with structure: a 300,000 square meter complex upon the subway

This project provides a brand-new choice for Chongqing residents' one-stop business shopping and leisure. The modern architectural style, simple facade, and streamlined planning make the project an important commercial center connecting the urban area of Chongqing and Jiangbei Airport.

The project is located along Metro Line 3, with a superior geographical position, but the planning conditions of the base are not good, the commercial side on the north side is narrow, the commercial side on the east side is interrupted by the existing buildings, and the overall commercial interface is not continuous. The designer was built according to the "trend". A sinking square was set along the street on the northeast and south sides of the base. A sinking pedestrian commercial street was set up to connect the sinking square and reshape the commercial format. The vertical traffic around the main axis forms three ways to enter the building: downward, horizontal, and upward, and organizes the "three-level architectural concept." This also adapts to the geographical characteristics of Chongqing's mountainous regions.

With the structural design ability, the designer adopted a large space frame structure. There are no large columns that obstruct the view in the project, which is conducive to lighting and air conditioning, and is easy for future merchants to use. At the same time, this plan combines a large-scale commercial complex and a small-scale commercial pedestrian street to illustrate the diversity of commercial building space.

As a bond, while extending the architectural shape, it enriches the sense of space of the building. Part of the ties of the sinking square connects the residential area with the business, so that the residents of the living area get a broad view through the sinking square, and at the same time have a convenient business center and enjoy a comfortable city life.

303000 square metres
Architectural design
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