"Dome of the Flower" Linxia Grand Theater

Linxia Grand Theater is located in the core area of a new planned town in Linxia City, Gansu Province. It covers an area of 52,300 square meters: a ground floor area of 15,000 square meters with a total building height of 46 meters.

In the architectural design, simple geometric sphere with unique recognition is adopted, together with the classic proportion of patterns and textures. Shell structure, curtain wall structure and curtain wall texture are combined into one, saving a lot of cost. As a result, the powerful permeability shell inside and outside the entire facade makes it possible to change the building from the "impervious" to the top of the "all through", plus the facade "snow white" color selection, the dome shape of the original statue becomes abstraction. This will not only achieve the overall effect of the building, but also display the magnificent charm and immortality of the heavy steel structure. The building and the structure are seamless, unique and beautiful with strong visual impact and fully reflect the beauty of natural harmony.

150000 square metres
Architectural design
临夏民族大剧院 1
临夏民族大剧院 4
临夏民族大剧院 5
临夏民族大剧院 6
临夏民族大剧院 7
临夏民族大剧院 3
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