"Ecological Green Valley" to promote industrial cycle upgrading

Box Technology Entrepreneurship Valley is located in Gulou District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The project covers an area of 23,560 square meters and is the world's first entrepreneurial spirit base.

As a city complex office complex, the project base contains three cores: industrial core, talent core, and cultural core, which can provide a large amount of office and commercial space. While driving the development of the entire industrial park and creating a talent gathering place, we hope to continue to expand the influence of the industrial park.

The design and planning concept is a new type of urban "ecological green valley". The design inspiration comes from the construction of a harmonious and close architecture system between man and nature. The design uses a whole piece of central green space to run through the various blocks, and the surrounding buildings are advancing layer by layer, creating an "ecological green valley" that is full of green eyes. After the intense learning and business competition, the creators have a close to nature and relax the spirit. Green space. The surrounding industrial groups can better communicate and exchange by surrounding the center. The university trains makers, the space incubates the industry, the apartment retains talents, the headquarters upgrades the industry, and the summit builds an image to form a high-quality industrial cycle.

23560 square meters
Urban design
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