Urban eco-windows that promote diverse exchanges

The project is located in the urban area of Nanjing, 7 kilometers away from the Nanjing Municipal Government, on the north side of the Zhongshan Scenic Area. Starting from the overall architectural design concept of "Zhongshan. Cuigu", the designer connected the roofs of the four office buildings on the east side of the site under the condition that the height of the building is limited to 24 meters. Set up a garden at the junction and a sports track on the roof. In this way, the whole building forms an organic whole.

Facing the headquarters office building on the side of Xuanwu Avenue, a giant truss structure was used to create a huge "urban ecological window" with a total length of 110 meters and a height of 15 meters. The whole building is full of visual impact, highlighting the owner's brand in the overall image, making it the most attractive landmark building in the surrounding area.

Inside the 110-meter "urban eco-window" is the ecological green garden of the Landsea Group headquarters. Here, a double-layer curtain wall is adopted to effectively isolate the noise from the viaduct on the north side. A four-story garden atrium is formed between the two layers of curtain walls. After the fresh air is filtered, it is sent from the bottom of the atrium and discharged from the upper skylight after circulation, which can effectively improve the indoor air quality.

90700 square metres
Urban design
Nanjing, China
沿蒋王庙街鸟瞰 黄昏
沿蒋王庙街透视 日景
沿玄武大道鸟瞰 日景-small
沿玄武大道透视 夜景
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