Duts Design wins "Best Office Space Design" in ELLE DECORATION 2019


The recently completed renovation project of the top floor space of the former World Expo Case Joint Pavilion 3 by Duts Design win the "Best Office Space" award of the "China Interior Design Yearbook" issued by the "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" in 2019-2020. The project was designed by the founder Mr. Zhong Ling. This is the second consecutive year that Duts Design has win this award.

Shanghai, November 26, 2019 / PR Newswire /-DUTS Design's recently completed renovation of the top floor space of the former Expo Case Joint Pavilion 3 was awarded the “China” by ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery 2019-2020 Interior Design Yearbook "Best Office Space" Award. The project was designed by the founder Mr. Zhong Ling. This is the second consecutive year that Duts Design has won this award.

Mr. Zhong Ling, the founder of Duts Design, attended the 15th Anniversary Celebration Dinner and China Interior Design Yearbook for the theme of "Shanghai Clouds, Design Night", which was held on 119th floor of Shanghai Center on November 20, 2019, at ELLE DECORATION. Awards ceremony.


Founder Architect Zhong Ling (middle) at the awards ceremony (Image: ELLE DECO Furniture Gallery)

As the annual design selection of "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery", China Interior Design Yearbook receives submissions from hundreds of outstanding design cases from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan every year. After rigorous evaluation by authoritative consultants and judges, upholding the principle of selecting only one award for each award, seven winners of seven awards were selected. Duts Design has win the "Best Office Space Design" award for two consecutive years. The 2018 award-winning project, Happiness Wharf Space 8 and the 2019 award-winning project's original Expo Case Joint Pavilion 3 top floor space have been included in the "2018-2019 and 2019-2020 China Interior Design Yearbook" compiled by "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" respectively.

The award-winning renovation project is located on the top floor of a modern building that retains the framework of an old factory building. It has a floor area of 1,670 square meters and a 1,329-square-meter terrace. The large depth of 32 meters in the interior and a clear height of only 3.5 meters have brought certain difficulties to designers who want to seek a breakthrough in space. The architect used the comparison of structure and materials to redefine the interior space and transformed it into an office that can meet the needs of two different companies, and at the same time be open to the outside world. Functional composite space.


Large conference room

Duts designed the "white cabin" as the starting point to strengthen the extension of the lateral facade. It is particularly worth mentioning that in the original building center, which was slightly dim and depressive, the design used the steel beam to hide in the structure, and the thickness of the building was less than one centimeter. Although the entire conference room has a strong sense of volume, its sense of quality has been greatly weakened, conveying a visual "lightness". A dramatic "anti-gravity" effect is created under the definition of the top surface and the ground. The anti-gravity conference hall and tea room that run through the north and the south divide the space into two separate areas, and use the surrounding walkway to create a multi-purpose hall-style gallery.


Tea room with door opening and closing dialogue

The reconstruction of the entire project, the architect made full use of the structural and cultural resources of the original project, combined with the niches and door holes to create a recessed and penetrating box, and introduced the river view of the Huangpu River into the hall. The designer used the advantages of the top floor in the design to open the partial roof to maximize sunlight into the interior. When the sun penetrates the skylight, the virtual shadow formed by the light is projected on the ground. Over time, the entire area presents a different light and shadow atmosphere.

Mr. Zhong Ling, founder, president and creative director of Duts Design, said: "I am very honored to receive this award for two consecutive years. In modern living scenes, office space is the longest place for most people to stay apart from sleep. . Therefore, in addition to the physical space design, we also include the concept of service design. Let the office space present a richer and more humane side, hoping to use this to improve the comfort, pride, and efficiency of the company's employees. Operational Empowerment. "

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