DUTS design won two categories in 11th IIDA Global Excellence Awards



DUTS design won two categories in 11th IIDA Global Excellence Awards on February 11th. "Qiantan Campus of Giraffe English Shanghai" has got WINNER of EDUCATION category. "Renovated Library of Nanjing Normal University " has got WINNER of INSTITUTION category.

 2020 IIDA Global Excellence Awards

WINNER of Education Category

Qiantan Campus of Giraffe English Shanghai

2021IIDA 长颈鹿前滩_00

Flowing Chapter

Children are our future. In a multi-dimensional world, children's space is moving towards to a more multi-functional level, bringing more public cultural exposure and more rich experience for growth. DUTS design presents its latest space renovation design project, a multi-functional kids space based in Qiantan, Pudong district of Shanghai. In an irregular space with a total area of about 630 square meters, the architectures of DUTS design have created a "Flowing Chapter" for children, bringing more new surprise experience.


03 空间外立面3(1)

011 舞台侧景(1)


Location: Shanghai, China

Client: English Giraffe

Area: 630 sqm

Architect in charge: Ling Zhong

Architectural design: Yingqi Hu, Toto Hu(parametric modeling) , Michael Shi, Ying

Brand visual design: Proad Identity

Lighting: Studio Illumine(JimmyViva)

GRG material: Gang Ying Building TechnologyPhotographs: Qinshan Wu


2020 IIDA Global Excellence Awards

WINNER of Institutional Category

 Renovated Library of Nanjing Normal University 

2021IIDA 南师大_00

Injecting multiple formats: the opening and rebirth of "Library"

 DUTS design accepted the invitation of Gemdale in 2019 to carry out the overall renovation design work of the original Nanjing Normal University Zijin Campus. Recently, the renovation of the original "library" has been completed. The designer took inspiration from the architectural history and the emotional memory of the urban life, and injects contemporary design aesthetics and complex modern life formats into this nearly 70-year-old library. The rejuvenated library becomes a new landmark cultural center that contains complex functions such as display, business, office, business, and communication, and is full of humanistic life.




Location: No.78 Ban Cang Road, Nanjing, China

Client: Gemdale Properties and Investment Corporation Limited 

Area: 4170sqm( Total Campus: 80000 sqm)

Architect & Interiors studio: DUTS Design

Architect in charge: Ling Zhong

Architects Team: Tao Wan, Yingqi Hu, Bruno  Rodriguez,Jiangjian Su 

Interiors Team: Michael Shi, Jiayu Wan,Zhe Xiang, Guangjian Zhou 

Interior decoration: Michael Shi, Shuang Zhang,Guigui Zhang 

Landscape Design:Laurent

Photographs: Qinshan Wu







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