Renovation of hot-pot restaurant brings “ice and fire” into a century old western-style house

Despite the elegant appearance of many old houses, they often come with flaws within its interiors, especially the spatial layout which no longer meets the demands of today's society. Our designers want that an avant-garde style with aesthetic elements, and inject these into this seemingly old house and revitalize the building. This was a most original idea of the design team and the soul of the entire project.

The designer adopted more architectural techniques in the process, using a suspending structure, implementing a 4.5-meter-long cooking table at the center of the space, using a single-sided cantilever method. The same design was also applied to the guests' dining chairs to make the space appear more graceful. The material of the space is made of stainless steel, and the matte finish surround the metal echoes the urban sophistication. The coexistence of arcs and straight lines, demonstrated by the rendering effect of lighting, together created a cool and futuristic dining environment.

The restaurant is divided into two floors and a outdoor garden space. Having hot pot in an outdoor garden can be a trendy and pleasant thing. The designer retained the arch and European-style columns of the French court, combined with green plants and retractable canopy, creating a natural ecological and cozy space in the French style garden.

We deliberately painted the garden bright red, as a symbol reminiscence of Sichuan cuisine. The elegant maritime style of the spicy Sichuan and SHU culture also constitute the "Ice and Fire" theme.

PANDA Shanghai
Interior design
Huashan Rd. 1731 Shanghai
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