DUTS Design cantilever structure free from site constraints CHENGDU Jinniu District Library

DUTS design has recently completed the new“Chengdu Jinniu District Library”. The project is located in the northern part of the downtown area of Chengdu. As a cultural landmark of the Jinniu District, it comes out as a surprising "three-dimensional book" for the city of Chengdu with its unique and charming architectural image, reflecting the public culture of the new era into a high-level of architectural culture.

The library building in Jinniu District is made up of three rectangles with different volumes intersected with each other. The library building is partially suspended above the school. The facade adopts a glass and metal curtain wall system with a steel structural system. The light volume contrasts with the stable and heavy shape of the original parking lot, reflecting the high technology of modern architecture.

The shape of the building takes the meaning of "three-dimensional book", which combines the cultural meaning of the book with the clean lines of modern architecture. The library and school are shaped with bright straight lines. By extending the deep lines, the inner area of the library can be maximized.

      The library adopts the layout method of partitioning by layer. The divisions are clearly defined and their respective flow lines do not interfere with each other. The library, the local chronicles, the archives and the school are organically integrated, and the flow is transparent and smooth.

      After the completion of the project, it has become a new cultural landmark in Jinniu District, Chengdu. While creating surprising visual effects for the citizens, the space can also meet the needs of many different types of activities and scenes.Through the design thinking of upgrading and the exploration of innovative architectural forms, the architects broke through the constraints of land use conditions and created an environment for the city and citizens. Both bring positive effects in the public cultural space.

Chengdu Jinniu Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd
39795 sqm
Jinniu District, Chengdu, China
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